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Certificate in Technology in Second Language Teaching

SLAT’s Certificate in Technology in Second Language Teaching offers students an introduction to various classroom and language-learning technologies and how they are used to assist second language acquisition and second language teaching. Upon completion, students should have a basic understanding of current technologies available to support second language teaching and
learning, and have gained some practical experience in their use. At completion students are expected to:

  • Understand the various technologies available to support foreign language
    teaching and learning, and criteria for their critical assessment;
  • learn to evaluate various approaches to computer-assisted language teaching and
    learning on the basis of theories and research in the SLA field;
  • be aware of the current and emerging technologies in the field of language pedagogy;
  • gain knowledge of and skills in integrating appropriate technologies in
    curriculum and syllabus design and adaptation; and
  • show ability to implement a variety of  technologies in the foreign/second language classroom.


Certificate students are advised initially by the SLAT Graduate advisor.  Those seeking further assistance with constructing a certificate program that enhances their professional goals may also seek advice from one of the faculty members listed below:

Primary faculty members:

Beatrice Dupuy, Ph.D. ,SLAT Director and Professor of French
Jonathon Reinhardt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English
J. David Betts, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Practice

The primary members teach most of the required courses and are the core faculty for the certificate.

Contributing members:

H. Douglas Adamson, PH.D., Professor of English
Beatrice Dupuy, Ph.D. Professor of French
Mary Wildner-Bassett, Ph.D., Professor of German and Dean of Humanities

The contributing members occasionally teach either required courses, or courses that would be applicable to certificate elective requirements.

After reviewing the course requirements below, certificate students should see Kelley Merriam-Castro in the SLAT Office with any questions about the curriculum.  The Graduate Advisor or the SLAT Director will review and approve any requested course substitutions.

Course requirements:

Category A:    Core courses need to be taken before other courses can be taken. (6 credits)

SLAT 581        Technology and Foreign Language Learning
ENGL 589       Internet Technologies in Second/Foreign Language Education

Category B:    Students take two courses, (6 credits)

ETCV 510       Learning Theory in Instructional Design
ECTV 511       Learning Technologies in the Digital Age
ETCV 520       Introduction to Instructional Design
ETCV 530       Multimedia Applications in Education
ETCV 623       Designing Online Learning Environments
ETCV 524       Educational Gaming and Simulations
ETCV 614       Emerging Technologies in Education
ETCV 622       Introduction to Interface Design
ETCV 631       Advanced Multimedia
LRC 515          Media and Literacy
LRC 530          Literacy Technology
LRC 560          Multimedia Literacy
LRC 595a        The Role of Technology in Language Arts Instruction
LRC 595a        New Literacies
LRC 645          Technology in Literacy Research

Applicability of transfer courses to the certificate:

At least 9 units taken while enrolled in the certificate program must be UA courses. Transfer work typically will not be accepted. However, in special circumstances the graduate advisor may approve up to 3 units of transfer course work.

Application instructions:

To access the online application for the Certificate in Technology in Second Language Teaching, please go to: and follow the instructions to create an account and submit your materials.  Application questions may be directed to or (520) 621-7391.