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Entering Class of 2009

dotton1Zura Dotton

I was born and raised in Kazakhstan, in the Mountains. As a child, I loved looking down the open valleys and horizons because they would allow me to better capture the world around me.
I am a graduate of the Kazakh State University of World Languages and International Affairs in Almaty, and a former Faculty member of the Kazakh-Turkish International University in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.
I received my Master’s degree from the University of Arizona in English Language/Linguistics in 2007. My research interests included English and Chechen comparative linguistics. My projects on English and Chechen lexicalization patterns, Comparative analysis of English, Kazakh and Chechen Case Theory have helped me explore critical aspects of language studies. I became a SLAT student in 2009. My major is L2 Pedagogy and Program Administration, and my minor is L2 Analyses. I am interested in exploring educational reforms, social changes, and working on integrating and developing curriculum and pedagogical theories in education along with the teaching methodologies

hammink1Julianne Hammink

My name is Julianne Hammink. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and have lived for many years in Texas. I began my coursework in SLAT in the fall of 2009. I plan to pursue research interests in language processes and language analysis, and possibly in cognitive science as well.
Before I came to the University of Arizona, I was a bilingual elementary school teacher in El Paso, Texas (Go Roadrunners!), where I became interested in how bilingual school-aged children acquire and use their first and second languages. I earned a master’s degree in linguistics from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2006. My master’s thesis examined verb incorporation in Guaraní causative constructions.
From 1992-1995 I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay, where I worked as a beekeeping extensionist. Rohayhu Paraguay!


Jieun Ryu (

Hi! My name is Jieun Ryu and I am from South Korea, born and raised. I got my BA in English Linguistics and literature in Korea. I received my Master’’s degree from the University of Arizona in Language, Reading and Culture. I started the SLAT program in the Fall of 2009. My current interests are bilingualism, second language Use and Pedagogy. I taught English in Korea, and I have taught Korean to children and undergraduates since I came to Tucson. This inspiring teaching experience led me to explore in the field of language teaching, especially heritage language learning, bilingualism and content based learning. Personally, I enjoy traveling!!


samaniego1Malena Samaniego-Salinas (

Languages have always been at the heart of my personal and professional life. As the daughter of Chilean political exiles I was raised in Spanish, French and Dutch and often expected to be my parents’’ nexus with our host communities. I then became a professional certified translator in Spanish, English, and German. In the US, I completed an M.A. in Latin American Studies in 1997, and married a native English-speaker with whom I argue in English, and yet love and share my life with in Spanish. On returning to Chile I set out to train translators and design translation training curricula. I also simply love to chat, listen and notice how we do this across languages and registers. These days, in hot Tucson, I often find myself policing our recently bilingual 5 and 10-years-olds’ code-switching more than I know to be wise.
I currently teach the introductory course to the Translation and Interpretation undergraduate major here at UA. As a SLAT student my hope is to put SLAT theory and research at the service of a better understanding of how translation competence is developed and a more effective translation pedagogy, with a particular focus on translation into an L2 by foreign language and heritage speakers.

wittj1_0Jacob Witt (

Greetings! I am a SLAT student coming from the English Language and Linguistics (EL/L) program here at the University of Arizona and a Communication Studies and Rhetoric MA in Iowa. While in SLAT, my primary focus is on Analysis and L2 Writing. I particularly enjoy studying grammar to inform my teaching and other research interests. I have also taught various classes in the English Department, including English Composition 101, 102, 108, Introduction to English (Linguistics) 255, and Technical Writing (308) and I served as an editor for the Student’s Guide to First-year writing from 2008-2010. I currently live in Seattle with my wife (SLAT grad 2010) and kids (SLAT class of 2032?), where I work as a visiting assistant professor of English and direct a writing center at a small university. Although I’m busy working on the dissertation, I’m always interested in collaborating on papers and presentations. If you’re interested in L2 writing feedback, syntactic analysis, and/or identity and composition studies, let’s chat.


Victoria Zander (

Hi, my name is Victoria Zander and I spent quite some time trying to think of a decent format for this short bio. I decided to go for bullet points, since they seem to give just the right amount of information (the other choice was a five-paragraph story of my life. If you’d like to have more information, feel free to send me an email).
• I was born and grew up in Germany. I’’m from Waiblingen (where they built STIHL chainsaws) which is a suburb of Stuttgart (Southwest Germany, Porsche, Mercedes, close to the Ritter Sport chocolate factory).
• My undergraduate years were spent at the University of Tübingen studying English and Spanish literature and linguistics.
• In 2005, I did my study abroad at the University of Arizona. During this time, thanks to the English Language and Linguistics (EL/L) program, I discovered my love for applied linguistics and language teaching.
• In 2007, I returned to the U of A in order to pursue a Master’’s Degree in EL/L.
• In 2009, I was officially a first year SLAT student with an interest in computer assisted language learning and computer mediated communication. I’’m especially interested in web 2.0 technologies and social networking.
• I am also a teaching assistant for the Center of English as a Second Language (CESL).